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3DHentai - Thirst For Knowledge
 There is no place better to concentrate and prepare well for the upcoming important exam than in the cozy college library. Today it is quiet and deserted, and even Mrs. Swazarmowski, who scrupulously monitors order and mercilessly suppresses inappropriate library behavior, has gone somewhere. Vanessa and Giselle searched for the books they needed for a long time. There was no mood to engage in an educational routine, and the silence and desertedness of the library evoked completely different mood and excited imagination. “Lets do it?” – suggested Annie. “Lets do it!” in a nutshell, understanding the flow of her thoughts, Giselle responded. And they gave the heat! No, no, of course the library did not literally burn out, but figuratively they incinerated it to the ground with the heat of passion and lust. The drive was also added by the fact that at any moment Mrs. Swazarmowski with her Puritan views on library behavior can return and a cry of a frantic voice: “What do you allow yourself! This is the Temple of Knowledge, not a sandbox for parasites and perverts!”

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